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lee bio“The HIGHEST reward

                           for a person’s WORK

           is not what they got for it,

                                         but what they

                                                   BECAME by it.”

~ John Ruskin




S. Lee Wright believes that the world will transform into a healthier and happier place once people are realigned with the interconnection between our interior environments and our exterior ones.

As a licensed Interior Designer, Feng Shui expert and LEED AP, Lee combines the best of technical design skills along with a series of Eastern Holistic modalities to co-create sustainable design projects that help her clients live better, healthier, happier lives.
With a global client list that continues to grow, Lee has created award-winning designs in both the USA and Europe over the last 25 years in the corporate, residential, hospitality and institutional sectors.
Lee is currently located in San Sebastian, Spain, writing a book as she lives her passion and she continues to work with her clients globally. S. Lee Wright Ltd. maintains offices in New York City and a new satellite office in London is underway. 
Her overall Vision is to help as many people as possible to understand the power of space to enhance and enrich their lives. Her Mission is to teach them how to do this for themselves.

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