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“If you are ready to be more and have more, then her services are for you!”~Theresa


“I have never enjoyed being at home as much as I do right now.” ~ Laurie


“It could never have happened without you! ~Phil


“Even after the job was technically over, Lee still kept on until every tiny item met her high standards.” ~Cindy


“Lee is responsive, knowledgeable and a delight to work with.” ~Bob


“Since working with Lee, our kitchen has truly become the heart of our home.” ~ Edna


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A Happy Client Story

Design-It-With-You testimonial

“About a year ago, I hired Lee Wright to help me transform my “space.” And by the end of our project, I not only had a beautiful room, but I learned a tremendous amount about design, and architecture, and – maybe most importantly – about myself.

Lee, of course, has all of the qualities that, in my view, are important in any professional. She is very bright. She is highly skilled. And she is exceedingly knowledgeable in design and architecture. Her knowledge of her industry and her working relationships with vendors and other professionals are immediately apparent and comforting. She is efficient, and punctual, and responsive. From a fundamental business standpoint, in terms of logistics and communication, Lee is simply outstanding in all respects.

 But what sets Lee Wright apart, in my view, is the passion and intensity she brings to the project. Lee is dynamic and genuine. I believe that Lee was able to create a space that I love because she cared enough to take the time to learn about me; what I like and dislike; what I wanted from the space; and what I wanted from my life. I felt like working with Lee was not a project. It was not about colors and layouts. It was a brief journey during which I was encouraged to think deeply, and reflect honestly about myself. And it was like this for me simply because of the way Lee approached it.

 And to top it all off, Lee has an impeccable sense of style, which when it comes to architecture and design, is an absolute necessity.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Lee Wright to anyone for any aspect of architecture and design consulting for any project – large or small.

 She is an amazing woman. And she does amazing work.”

~ Matt Lembke, Rochester NY

Are we the WRIGHT designer for you?