Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Highlights from Design Week (Accessories and Lighting) Upwell and Marc Trotereau


Although Marc Trotereau lives and works in London, which as a NY based design firm is not ideal when it comes to promoting local businesses, and using less of a carbon footprint, we at S. Lee Wright Ltd, really dug his innovative lighting at ICFF this year, and just had to give him a shout out. He gives a neat twist on the traditional lampshade with Wireshade: getting the lamp off the floor or table top and attaching it on the wall. He even makes it accessible for use in a corner! When you live in a small New York apartment floor space is tight so being able to get your lighting off of surfaces and the floor and onto the walls is a fantastic use of space!

2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Lighting-S3 2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Lighting-S2 2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Lighting_S1

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