Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Highlights from Design Week (Green Walls/Living Walls) — Urbio


We love Urbio. They make such a cool product and we had such a good time chatting with them at this year’s ICFF. Of course with S. Lee Wright Ltd. being a sustainable and eco-conscious interior architecture firm we especially appreciated that their product can be used for plants or for ANYTHING, just about. And the coolest part? It’s magnetized. That’s right, you can move each piece around til you are completely happy with the design. The founder and COO Jared Aller assured us it can be used indoors or outdoors. How neat to have it on your deck or balcony?

2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Urbio-L1 2012_06_07_Hightlights_From_Urbio-L2

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