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Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Highlights from Design Week (Wall Coverings and Tiles) — Barkskin and Motawi

Another one of S. Lee Wright’s favorite finds from the ICFF this year was a wall coverings company called Barkskin. It is a natural, hand-made wood material. The process of making the paper is from pre-Columbian times, whereby the bark is processed with “cold and then boiling water, hand pounded and sun dried,” as is stated in their promotional material. It can be used commercially as well as in residential applications as a wall covering, ceiling covering, furniture surface and lampshades, to name a few!



We saw so many beautiful tiles at ICFF: some were handmade, some were lasercut, and some even had lights embedded within them! We’ve decided to share a company called Motawi Tileworks with you. Their handmade tiles show a spectrum of American Art, and if you’re ever in the Ann Arbor area you can even schedule a studio tour! Here are a few images we thought were yummy.


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