Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Design Your Space & Life with Lee

Sacred Space Clearing Workshop


Are your PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS or is your CAREER stagnant?

2012_10_17_Sacred Space Clearing Workshop
After 23 years practicing, Lee   will be sharing her own methods and insider secrets where you can learn how   to do your very own SPACE CLEARING & Space Blessing and how to make sure   the energies in the environments where you, your family and friends all spend   your time are all supporting you to have a HEALTHY, HAPPY & ABUNDANT   life.

This course will help YOU connect   with the space around you and allow it to reflect your best intentions. You   will LEARN HOW to create an aesthetic that is an extension of who you are   (life and work) but also providing you a space to THRIVE in.

This is the first step in taking   control of your life!

November 7, 2012 6:30-9:30pm

Artistic Tile Showroom 38 W. 21st Street, NY NY 10010


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