Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui = Your Best Space


This session is best for the person who wants the most from their life and who has a basic understanding that their space can better support them.  Using design tips combined with the ancient art of feng shui along with interior design and sustainable principles, this session changes your space in ways to best support you. This is either an in-person or a distance customized consultation.





Sacred Space Clearings


Do you ever feel that a space does not feel good? This is often because of clogged energy.

A Space Clearing is to remove any unwanted energetic clutter from your spaces so you can live a better, healthier and happier life because our spaces hold energy like dirt, even if we can’t see it. 

This is perfect for those going through a life-change, a crisis or after an illness. 

Each session is customized from Lee’s own tool chest of rituals to be the best combination for your specific needs in the moment. In-person or distance consultations are available.

Fees vary depending on size, scope. Typically they range from $489 and up.


S. Lee Wright studied with H.H. Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun at the BTB Masters Feng Shui Training in NYC. The 3-year program profoundly changed Lee’s approach to design, resulting in her signature Holistic Design methodology. When you work with Lee, whether for a Feng Shui session or a Space Clearing, both your space and your life are enhanced. 

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