Other Cool Stuff

Other Cool Stuff

Speaking Events by Lee

Speaking Events


Lee loves to talk about her passion for design, sustainability and feng shui!

She writes and performs her own workshops, lectures and events whenever possible.

Stay in touch to see when Lee is next in your area so you can come join us.

Or you can book Lee to share her passion for Sustainable Design, Feng Shui Design or Holistic Dine and Design at your next event. 


Holistic Retreats by Lee

Holistic Retreats


Lee is developing a series of Holistic Retreats to share with you her passion in a more intense and lengthy manner. These are in the early planning stages with a launch date for late 2018 so stay tuned. 

It is Lee’s intention to have these 4-8 day events in both her new home, Spain as well as on the East Coast of the USA. 

These retreats will include Lee’s combination of Feng Shui for your home, Space Clearings, Aromatherapy and other holistic lifestyle practices to incorporate into your life. Her goal is to help you create a Sustainably Happier Life.


Lee loves what she does and has made it a priority to spread her passion helping people connect with their spaces in meaningful and mindful ways. One of these is to talk about her passion as much as possible, to whoever is interested in design, sustainability and feng shui. 

Her books, Feng Shui Tips: Home Renovations, Kitchen Renovations, and Bathroom Renovations were inspired by her years of designing spaces and her desire to help avoid all the costly mistakes and massive stress. It’s more than just a pretty space! All are available on www.amazon.com. 

Lee makes a goal to create new lectures, books and workshops every year based on the feedback she gets from YOU – her tribe. Please reach out and share what she can help you with.